Sunday, September 7, 2008

Customer Feedback on Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures

This summer I taught elementary school in one of the
toughest neighborhoods in L.A. as a favor for my friend who was
principal. Teachers would stay for a day and then leave. Many gang
members won't go there. Child protective services doesn't care about the
kids in that area. The students were in a mandatory summer school program.

I want to say thank you. Your book touched many of these kid's lives.

One boy, started his foster home growing a garden. Another boy started putting up drawings of gardens on our concept/question board. The literacy coach said these kids produced their best writing samples ever.

- Caren, Los Angeles


Anonymous said...

I am a fan!

Anonymous said...

Hey you know my kids liked the wildlife book. It’s great to find these books. I can’t believe how much difference a book can make. My older son could really use this book he just started second grade. Wow. Thanks for posting this.