Monday, September 8, 2008

Jordan & Justine Go Go Green

September 8, 2008

Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green publishes everywhere.

ISBN10: 0978-730-267

ISBN13: 978-0978-730-260

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Award winning Author, Tanille Edwards, MBA, releases nationally, her latest children’s book “Go Go Green”, a step-by-step guide on the topic of how children can participate in saving the environment. Go Go Green offers scientific information and applicable tips that make going “Green” easy and fun for children.

Illustrated using dynamic, colorful, cartoon like characters, this book is part of the Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures™ series, a collection of children’s science books, authored by Tanille Edwards and co-author Latoya Edwards, MD, featuring, weekend activities and imaginary learning excursions, experienced by a cast of multicultural characters.
The main characters of the entire series are Jordan, an average, everyday nine year old boy next door and his energetic younger sister, Justine.

Go Go Green, Jordan, and his sister, Justine, welcome young readers by inviting them to take an ecological journey through time and space, as they seek to understand how to help the environment. Throughout the Go Go Green weekend experience children learn important, environmentally sound life skills and values like energy conservation, sources of harmful pollution and what children (and parents) can do to protect the earth and its atmosphere.

In Go Go Green children are the main characters who learn the importance of campaigning for a cleaner earth. Featured in the storyline are the parents and peers of Jordan and Justine who collectively practice useful environmental strategies.

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I am so excited about this book! Kids going green. This series is phenomenal!