Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going Green with Kids

How to Teach Kids to Go Green

Kids like trinket ideas. Put going green into a simple phrase they can remember. Like use less and give back more. Use less water, less electricity, less paper, and giveback more to the earth by creating a garden at home or in your community. Another way kids can pitch in and help the earth is by simply increasing awareness of ways to go green in their communities. These are some of the topics covered in my children’s book “Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green.”

As the author of an entire children’s book series focused on teaching children how to go green, I strongly recommend taking a lifestyle approach to going green. It can open a child’s mind to all of the possible ways they can conserve our earth’s resources and to they ways in which they can give back to the earth.

Additionally children need to become aware of the wildlife element to going green. We need to protect natural habitats for animals. One way we can do that is to start softening our urban environments. The goal is to make urban environments friendlier to the animals we share them with.

You can also take going green on the road. Make shopping a treasure hunt. Hunt for greener versions of your regular household items like clothing detergents, kitchen and bath cleaners, organic bed linens, containers made from recycled plastics and more. Check out the hybrid cars at the local car show. Demonstrate to kids that there are plenty options available to green their lives. The kids that learn how to go green today will one day lead our world as part of a new green generation.

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